Arroz Con Leche de Soya (Rice with Soy Milk)

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Categories: Breakfast Ideas,Rice & Grains

Submitted by Arminda Perch
leftover unseasoned brown rice (salted okay)
vanilla soy milk (I like Silk Very Vanilla)
natural sweetener
a pinch of cardamom
fresh fruit of your choice (I like peaches, bananas, and pineapples)

Place rice and soymilk in pot or saucepan. As it’s heating, add desired amount of raisins, sweetener, vanilla, coriander, salt, and cardamom (I’d still use just a pinch of cardamom as it’s very pungent). Adjust flavorings as necessary. Serve with fresh fruit. This is a great way to get rid of your leftover rice or make it fresh. It’s always a hit with the family, and it’s a nice change from oatmeal or other hot cereals.

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