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When we are humble and contrite we stand where God can and will manifest Himself to us. He is well pleased when we urge past mercies and blessings as a reason why He should bestow on us greater blessings. He will more than fulfill the expectations of those who trust fully in Him. The Lord Jesus knows just what His children need, how much divine power we will appropriate for the blessing of humanity; and He bestows upon us all that we will employ in blessing others and ennobling our own souls.

We must have less trust in what we ourselves can do, and more trust in what the Lord can do for and through us. You are not engaged in your own work; you are doing the work of God. Surrender your will and way to Him. Make not a single reserve,

not a single compromise with self. Know what it is to be free in Christ.

Walk continually in the light of God. Meditate day and night upon His character. Then you will see His beauty and rejoice in His goodness. Your heart will glow with a sense of His love. You will be uplifted as if borne by everlasting arms. With the power and light that God imparts, you can comprehend more and accomplish more than you ever before deemed possible.

God has pledged himself to keep our machinery in healthful action if the human agent will obey His laws, and co-operate with Him. We must trust, pray, and believe that God’s promises are for our whole being. 

Some Helpful Resources:

How to Develop a Prayer Schedule:

Step 1:
Plan to pray at a specific time each day. You want your prayer time to be just like anything else in your life. Obviously, different people will have different times throughout the day that are best for prayer. Choose a time that you can spend as long as you need in prayer.

Step 2:
Select a specific spot in your house where you can pray. This should be a place that is quiet. It should also be somewhere that you can be alone so that you can fully concentrate on prayer.

Step 3:
Integrate other religious things in your prayer time. You could study the Bible during your set prayer time everyday, for example.

Step 4:
If you live with other people, inform them of your prayer time. Make your spouse, kids or roommates aware that you pray at a specific time everyday. Let them know that you need that time alone.

Step 5:
Make sure that nothing gets in the way of your prayer schedule. Turn off your cell phone and avoid scheduling a prayer time when you could be distracted by other events. Remember, however, that the object is not to work prayer into your schedule, but you work your schedule around your prayer life.

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