Jesus Defeated the Enemy

Categories: Sermon Illustrations

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While the Battle of Waterloo was being fought, all England waited breathlessly for news. At last the message came slowly across the channel. “Wellington defeated” had just been sppelled out when a sudden blanket of fog obscured the signals. News of the disaster quickly spread, and the deepest gloom settled on the land. then the message was completed: “Wellington defeated the enemy!” Sorrow was turned into great rejoicing. In the gloom of Jesus’ death the disciples could only read: “Jesus defeated!” But in the new light of His resurrection the glorious truth broke in on their sorrow: “Jesus defeated their enemy!” References: Isaiah 53:4-12; Matthew 28; Mark 16; Luke 24; John 20; 1 Corninthians 15:51-58. (Encylopedia of Sermon Illustrations by David Burgess, 1988, Concordia Publishing House: St. Louis, MO)

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