Sentiments of Rome

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The Bible Echo and Signs of the Times, February 1886, Vol. 1, No. 2, pg. 3

“To give the Bible to the laity, is to cast pearls before swine.”—Cardinal Hosius

“There is no other remedy for the evil but to put heretics (Protestants) to death.”—Belarmine
“Let the public school system go to where it came from—the devil.”—Freeman’s Journal
“We hate Protestantism; we detest it with our whole heart and soul.”—Catholic Visitor
“We will take this country and build our institutions over the grave of Protestantism.”—Priest Ilecker
“Religious liberty is only endured until the opposite can be carried into effect.”—Bishop O’Connor.
“God’s tribunal and the tribunal are the same. All others are his subjects.”—Muscovious
“I would as soon administer the sacraments to a dog as to Catholics who send their children to the public schools.”—Priest Walker.

“We are not advocates of religious freedom and we repeat we are not.”—Shepard of the Valley.

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