Sunday: mobilization grows

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Constance Soft-Proudhon – published on 11/12/2008

The government will dare he drop his bill on December 11? Not sure, because unions, opposition, and even priests … UMP does not disarm.

Vote or not vote? The examination of the bill of UMP on Sunday working was fixed at Thursday, December 11 at the National Assembly, but hold the schedule seems to be mission impossible. On the one hand, the heated debates on public broadcasting delayed while the parliamentary agenda, on the other, opposition to Sunday work continues to grow. The text could then be postponed to 2009. “We do not understand the urgency that some see this text in relation to current social emergency” , is indignant Joseph Thouvenel, deputy secretary general of the CFTC. If Xavier Bertrand, Minister of Labour and now head of the UMP, wants to pass it before Christmas, Jean-Francois Cope, head of UMP deputies, proposes to include the project in the government stimulus plan, which will discussed in January.For his part, Marc Le Fur, leader of the sixty members of the majority opposed to Sunday work, hope the text will simply be buried. Unlikely, given the importance that the government seems to attach. Thus, last weekend, Xavier Bertrand and Luc Chatel, Secretary of State for Consumer Affairs, have again returned to Eragny-sur-Oise, in a mall opened illegally, to legitimize unions ‘economic crimes’ .
Last week, the Social Affairs Committee adopted the text without consensus.Under pressure, some amendments were tabled, as the right to refuse work on Sundays. Not believing at all voluntary, Marc Le Fur invited Dec. 9 members to audition Anna Sam, author of Tribulations of a cashier, about the impact that Sunday working would supermarket cashiers.
Within the public opinion, unions are still mobilized and petitions popping up on the Internet. “Is it an old worn claim that also claim to have time for yourself? , mused Monday Bernard Thibault, secretary general of the CGT, France Inter. It’s not that seem to think the French, who, according to an Ipsos survey, 84% would consider Sunday as a day for important family and community life. Thus, six priests of the Hauts-de-Seine were sent to their MP, Patrick Devedjian, new Minister of Recovery, a letter in which they defend the Sabbath. “We believe that the legislator’s role is not to passively monitor individual behavior, but to have the courage to give a horizon of meaning for living together that structure society “ they write.
On the eve of the debate, Xavier Bertrand hoped, however, have convinced all members of the majority vote of the text. “It’s a societal debate, these are not the technical arguments that will convince me” , said Marc Le Fur, who recalled that it was in substance that it is not agreement. If the text is kept in the state, the deputy of the Cotes d’Armor says he will vote against. “Many of my colleagues are likely to like me” , he adds. Nicolas Sarkozy dare he still go through?