Sacred union against Sunday work

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Laurent Grzybowski – posted on 29/02/2012

No Sunday work! Unions, churches and MPs from all sides, meeting within the European Alliance on Sunday, March 4 launch day for the first Sunday without work. Each organization is invited to choose their mode of action for each country.

“We believe that all citizens of the European Union have the right to enjoy decent working hours, which in principle excludes the work of the evening, night, holidays and Sunday. Only essential services must work that day. ” On behalf of this principle, the European Alliance Sunday , which brings together parliamentarians from all sides, unions and religious or philosophical organizations in different countries of Europe, calling on all its members and supporters to rally, Sunday, March 4 for a European Day Sunday without work. The first that speaks volumes about the concern of the authors deal with national laws more liberal.

In an appeal posted on the Internet (download PDF here) , the Alliance members believe that current practices at Community level should “better protect the health, safety and dignity of all people, and promoting of a more assertive reconciling work and family life “. They also want to build “social cohesion of European citizens”. Launched at the initiative of German MPs, this call to action was signed by representatives of churches, including the Commission of the Bishops of the European Community ( COMECE ) and by many unions, including Solidarity, for Poland. In the Czech Republic or Italy, Ireland and Austria, each organization is invited to choose their own mode of action.

The two French unions who have already joined the movement, FO and CFTC, plan to protest on March 4 before a Paris supermarket (location not be revealed until the last minute), opening on Sunday in an illegal . “The ultra-liberalism is now giving way to the ultra-consumerism,” laments Joseph Thouvenel of the Central Christian. “That’s why we are campaigning for Europe to inscribe in stone the obligation of Sunday rest.” “In these times of economic and financial crisis, where employment and social rights are increasingly being undermined, the Sunday holiday is a clear and visible demonstration that people and societies as a whole are not only subject work and the economy “, wrote in their appeal to members of the Alliance.

According to Alain Griset, Vice President of the European Union of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises (UEAPME), “Sunday working is a challenge to the local economy which is currently the only have the capacity to sustain urban and rural areas. So there is a real contradiction with the revival policies of city centers. ” and development policies in rural areas. With a risk of increasing inequalities between territories. For the collective of Friends Sunday, which relays the operation site , no doubt about it: “Apart from Ikea, Confo, Leroy-Merlin, Casto, Jardiland, Full Circle, Family Village, Go Sports, Gemo, King Toys, Planet Saturn, Plan de Campagne or Plant Center, who may wish the death of the 1906 Act establishing the Sabbath? “

Following statements by the President of the Republic , saying early January its intention to extend the opening of shops on Sundays to all cities of France, the debate is beginning to invite into the election campaign.Thus, like Francois Bayrou, candidate of the modem, UMP deputy for Yvelines, Etienne Pinte, laments, “the name of a so-called modernism, we do offer our citizens a perfect life focused on increasing consumerism and that undermines family life, friendship and associations in these times of crisis. ” A view shared by the Left Front candidate, Jean-Luc Melenchon who, in a statement released on February 17, believes that by proposing to generalize the work of Sunday, Nicolas Sarkozy is attacking again with conditions lives of those who do not have the option of refusing the worst “.


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