New General Labor Law establishes only one day of rest (in Angola)

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The proposed new General Labour Law (LGT), which OPAÍS had access, reduces to one day of rest for Angolan workers in what can be considered a case back to the first way.

Currently, the work week ends on Friday, getting the days of Saturday and Sunday devoted to rest.

In this proposal, the number one Article 119 states that “the employee is entitled to a full day of rest per week, as a rule, is Sunday.”

This rest period may not be less than 24 hours, which can, depending on the specificity of the work, does not coincide with the day Sunday.

Such is the case of workers who have responsibilities to ensure hygiene in the workplace, security guard service and who are recognized rights of rest which shall not be less than 24 hours from the time of termination of the work, who you work for in shifts.

The proposed Act may propose, however, a “complementary weekly rest” as a result of the difference of half day’s work to be provided on Saturday.

“The half day of rest resulting from the distribution of the weekly schedule for five and a half days of work or a day of rest resulting from the application of subparagraph a) of paragraph 3 of Article 94 is considered complementary rest week” read on the bill.

Actually this has hinged on an extension of the period working week from 44 hours to 54 if adopted by the employer’s regime shift work, modulated or variable when running is a time of recovery or has flashing of labor or mere presence .

The project proposes a total of 44 weekly hours of work at the rate of eight hours daily duration of the period, but admits variations depending on the employer wants to recover time or adopt schemes modulated or variable.

Under the conditions described above, the daily working time may be 9-10 hours, depending on the order of the conditions listed above.

Another aspect, the proposal is the definition of the minimum wage in Article 161.

The reference in Article proposes the adoption of minimum wages guaranteed, of which refer to big business as in the case of industry, commerce, transport, services and agriculture. There is also a reference to the national minimum wage by geographic area. The rules for minimum wages by major economic groupings and geographical areas may be articulated eat proposed guaranteed minimum wage, the wage may also be linked to the geographical area of ​​the large economic groups.

The collective bargaining agreement for work on economic groupings may lead workers to be exempted from national minimum wage fixing by geographical areas. As to the timing of setting the national minimum wage “is determined taking into account the evolution of the weighting factors of paragraph 3 of Article 160 which advocates” the evolution and trend of the national index of consumer prices, the general level of wages and benefits social security and the relative level of other social groups. “

Moreover, the proposed law cautions the economic constraints that have to do with achieving and maintaining a high level of employment, productivity and economic development.

This type of relationship is labor law framework in the proposal being discussed in parliament, with the status of “the legal and labor special character”.

Besides this type of work is still fit in with this category prison labor in prisons, the professional sport, the performing arts in public and any other work that is declared by law as the legal and labor special character.
Child labor

Henceforth, it will be validated if parliament approves Article 12, “the legal and labor established under 14-18 years since authorized legal representative or, failing that, by the employment office or institution suitable”, covers the proposal of the General Labour Law that OPAÍS had access.

In case the employment contract with minors be entered into without the prior can be canceled at the request of his representative.


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